Help Your Dog Rediscover His Inner Puppy

dog running for exercise in a field

Keeping your dog youthful and full of energy is easier than ever before. With the right nutrition from PEDIGREE®, dogs of all ages and sizes can stay at their playful and healthy best. With a little extra attention, you can keep your dog’s inner puppy active for life.  

First, forget the old adage "You can’t teach an old dog new tricks." Your dog’s innate desire to work, play, and receive praise assures that he not only can learn new skills, he’ll enjoy the process. Try to teach him new games and practice new tricks regularly. Mental stimulation is good for your older dog and will keep him young and the exercise can not only help keep him at a healthy weight but also keep joints and muscles active.

The benefits of good old fun

Nothing brings out the puppy in an older dog like playtime. Don’t let your senior get lazy. Here are some tips for keeping him up and running:

  • "Fetch!" never fails to get a dog’s attention. But as he slows down, you’ll want to keep the ball closer, and if he has difficulty running or jumping, roll the ball on the ground instead of throwing it.


  • When vigorous play is no longer possible, try a quieter “hide and seek” game. Show your dog his favorite treat, like DENTASTIX, then hide it nearby. He’ll love using his sense of smell to find the reward and win your praise.

  • If your dog enjoys tugging games, be sure his older teeth can take it. Often, switching from a braided rope to a softer, squishier, more pliable toy can protect teeth and extend the fun of tugging games. But always be gentle and take a cue from your dog by letting him show you how comfortable he is with your tugging game.

While regular activity is excellent for older dogs, always keep a close eye on him for signs of pain or fatigue. With a little rest, he’ll be ready to play another day.

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