PEDIGREE® Pup-letes

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PEDIGREE PUPPY™ fuels all the flops, baby barks and
ridiculous cuteness of Pup-letes like yours.


What It Means To Be A Pup-lete

An active and playful puppy is really training to become an active and healthy dog. The key is eating right, learning the rules and playing lots of games! Their first year is the most important. And there's a lot we can do to help puppies make the most of it.

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All About Pup-letes

Getting A Puppy

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Everything you need to know: Find a breed that’s right for both of you. And discover everything you’ll need for your new puppy life.

What kind of human family are you? Your dog will appreciate a good match of lifestyles. And this tool will help you find it.

Get ready to puppy-proof and prep your home with a list of all you’ll need to start a happy and healthy life together.

Training Pup-letes

Bulldog on skateboard

Puppies arrive hungry for more than just play, food and slippers. They love to learn. And training them can be so rewarding for both of you.

From preventing bad behavior to taking skills to the next level, this collection of articles will train you on how to train them.

It starts with choosing their name and ends with a long life of love. These can’t-miss tips will get you from here to there.

Health & Nutrition

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Putting your puppy on a regimen of active play and good food is great way to show your love. And it will make them an all-star dog among dogs.

We care for those we love, no matter how many legs they have. A dog’s puppy years are crucial for a long and happy life.

Our recipes are developed on research at The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition. So it’s based on science and made with love.

Rescue or Volunteer

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Every dog in a shelter needs rescuing, regardless of age. They also need love and care right now, so if adopting isn’t an option, consider volunteering.

These are things to think about, so you’ll know what to expect and know your best friend when you finally meet him or her.

Find a shelter or animal welfare organization near you. Volunteers are needed to help with everything from feeding to office work.